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Explore: Best Colleges & Universities to Study in Canterbury

Explore: Best Colleges & Universities to Study in Canterbury

Canterbury is one of the most beautiful literary cities where you can find some of the best theatres and inspiring locations which have sparked many writers’ works. It is one of the culturally rich locations, not just in art culture but also a multicultural city that has seen students coming from different parts of the world. This city is lively and offers a wide range of things to the students. you are coming here to study then you are in luck. 

The town is about a 20-minute drive from the coast and it is an hour’s journey from London. On the cobbled high street, you will come across a blend of chains as well as renowned brands along with the local shops. You can also come across some of the most beautiful weekly markets where there are local artists and producers at the Westgate Hall. This city is known to boast different restaurants, and cafes as well as two leading clubs which host student night outs. You can also find some fine dining options as well as traditional establishments along with different historic pubs and quirky bars. This quaint city is not known for its hard-partying night scene and it also has an abundance of student-friendly drinking establishments. Here you can come across some of the best and affordable student accommodation in Canterbury.

Best universities to study in Canterbury 

The University of Kent is one of the best universities in Canterbury and it offers students some of the top-notch academic experience. The University has some of the best state-of-the-art infrastructure and it attracts students from different parts of the world. It also has a diverse student as well as faculty population with students from different nationalities. Moreover, 41% of its research as well as academic staff are from outside of the UK. The University of Kent ranked 25 in the year 2019 across the best universities across the UK list. The University offers students a wide range of courses as it is divided into three faculties, which are humanities, sciences as well as social sciences. These are also further subdivided into 20 schools. There is specialist post-grad centers across Europe such as Rome, Paris, Athens, and more. They also offer courses such as part-time, short-time, undergrad, postgrad, and international courses. This university also offers students with student housing Canterbury. 

University for the Creative Arts (UCA) 

The University for the Creative Arts is a new university that was formed in the year 2015. UCA is one of the degree-awarded universities and it is known in the creative arts sector. This university attracts around 6000 students across the year. The students can greatly benefit from the effortless accessibility to the local exhibition projects and enjoy different community links at the Turner Contemporary Gallery. However, the University is a research hub. There are five research centers the Centre for Digitral Scholarship, the Center for Sustainable Design, the Fine Art and Photography Research Center, and more. 

Canterbury Christ Church University (CCCU)

The campus of this university is spread across different sites such as Sidney Cooper Gallery, Christ Church Sports Center, Augustine House, and more. They have a formidable presence across the world of sports. more than 1200 students compete in a wide range of sports with different universities. Their remarkable sports scholarship scheme supports more than 40 meritorious young athletes, who have a great world record holder and there are different international competitors.

Canterbury Christ Church University (CCCU)

Why study in Canterbury?

A recently opened leisure center, you can find independent shops, cafes as well as different restaurants which make this small city one of the best places to study. It is also close to the coast and North Downs countryside if you fancy taking a break and exploring the place.

Top demanded student accommodation in Canterbury 

There are three different kinds of student accommodation in this city. They are listed below and there is a brief description of each of them and the average pricing to provide them with an idea of the different options available over the city. 

accommodation in Canterbury

  • Student housing: Student rooms Canterbury comprises studios, suites, and en-suite student rooms. The student rooms in this city are fully furnished and it is equipped with modern amenities such as a shower, kitchen, free space, microwave, dishwasher, hair dryer, and more. 
  • Private apartment: The student apartment in this city is an off-campus student accommodation. They offer different kinds of occupancy with furnished apartments and it is well-equipped with some of the updated amenities as well as inclusive bills of water, heating, electricity, cooling, and more. Palamon Court Canterbury is one of the best apartments where you can stay and have complete freedom. 
  • University Halls: These halls are added within the campus and are situated near the campus building. They offer rooms added with planned meals, limited privacy as well as restricted policies. 

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