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Storming Success: How SaaS Explainer Videos Forecast Business Growth

Storming Success: How SaaS Explainer Videos Forecast Business Growth

Video production, especially animated video making, has grown rapidly in the last few years. For the same reason, many companies use videos to promote their products or services. Moreover, SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) brands nowadays confidently invest in SaaS explainer videos. The main reason for this is that video explainers or explainer videos eventually aid in their business growth.

In this post, we shall talk about how SaaS explainers forecast SaaS business growth or help software-as-a-service brands grow. Prior to diving into our main topic, we shall talk about the following:

  • SaaS Animated Explainer Videos
  • Importance of Explainer Videos for Software-as-a-Service Brands

SaaS Animated Explainer Videos

Put simply, SaaS animated explainers are short video animations that provide audiences with overviews of software-as-a-service products of SaaS companies. Software-as-a-service brands invest in these videos to explain their complex software solutions to customers in a simple and engaging way.

Besides, a wider audience can access animated explainer videos promoting software-as-a-service solutions. Often, SaaS brands capitalize on animated explainer videos to explain the benefits, features, and value propositions of their software-as-a-service solutions.

Important of Explainer Videos for Software-as-a-Service Brands

An increasing number of software-as-a-service companies has increased competition among them. Every SaaS brand needs to communicate its software solution clearly, concisely, and engagingly to stand out amongst competitors. This is where SaaS explainer videos play an important role for software-as-a-service companies.

We have mentioned below reasons to tell you what makes expert SaaS explainer videos important for SaaS brands:

1.   Establish Credibility

More often than not, software-as-a-service brands offer complex products. So, it becomes challenging for customers to understand such products. This is where video explainers aid brands in effectively explaining their complex software-as-a-service products to their target audiences. Eventually, it aids SaaS brands in establishing credibility with a comprehensible demonstration of their software-as-a-service solutions to their customers.

2.   Increase Engagement

Video explainers, especially animated ones for software-as-a-service branding engage and entertain the target audience. Because of their fascinating nature, they help SaaS brands effectively convey their brand message to customers.

Not to mention, customers will likely watch a video till the end if it has the potential to entertain them. By the same token, software-as-a-service companies confidently utilize animated explainers for branding.

3.   Highly Shareable

Animated SaaS explainers, in particular, engage viewers and provide value; for the same reason, they are highly shareable. For this reason, SaaS brands create these videos to promote their software solutions while reaching a wider audience.

Contingent on what we have said already, you can understand the importance of SaaS explainers. Next, we shall talk about how explainer videos help SaaS brands grow or forecast their business growth.

How SaaS Explainer Videos Forecast Business Growth

SaaS explainer videos forecast business growth contingent on the benefits they offer software-as-a-service companies. We have talked about the benefits of animated explainers in this respect below:

1.   Improved Sales

Video explainers prove a very effective tool for driving sales for SaaS brands. This is because of their ability to clearly communicate the value of software solutions that SaaS companies offer. When potential customers clearly understand that value, they finally buy the product SaaS brands offer. Consequently, it aids software-as-a-service companies in benefiting from increased or improved sales (subscriptions).

2.   Ameliorated Customer Retention

Explainer videos are an excellent medium to educate customers about products or services. The same holds for software products that SaaS companies offer customers. Investing in a video explainer clearly explaining their software-as-a-service solution, SaaS companies can convince potential customers to finally buy it. When it happens, it translates into increased customer loyalty and ameliorated customer retention.

However, SaaS brands need to come up with brilliant explainers to convince customers to subscribe to their software solution (service). In this regard, they can partner with an explainer video company to create a customized and standout video.

3.    Increased Product Awareness

Another way explainers benefit software-as-a-service companies and forecast their growth is that they increase their product awareness. This is because of their power to provide viewers with a quick and easy explanation of SaaS products.

As an example, a video explainer can fascinatingly yet successfully explain how a software-as-a-service solution works. Additionally, it can explain how a SaaS product works.

Contingent on the aforementioned power of explainers, you can comprehend how they increase product awareness. First and foremost, they help software-as-a-service companies win conversions and eventually sales when more customers know about their offerings.

4.   Enriched SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Including an explainer video, such as an animated one, on your website can help boost its ranking. The same holds for SaaS explainers, which can eventually bring more visitors to the websites of software-as-a-service companies. As a result, it can help SaaS brands win more conversions and sales.

Moreover, we have already mentioned SaaS explainers are highly shareable. Furthermore, they can generate more inbound links to the websites of SaaS companies. Again, it will translate into improved ranking of the site with enriched SEO. First and foremost, it aids SaaS brands in winning more sales in the long run.

Considering the aforementioned benefits, you can comprehend how SaaS explainer videos help SaaS companies increase sales and grow over time. Prior to jumping to our conclusion, we shall share with you the qualities of an expert SaaS explainer.

Qualities of an Expert SaaS Explainer

The following are the qualities of expert SaaS explainers that explainer video companies specialize in creating for software-as-a-service companies:

  • A Clear and Concise Message
  • Engaging Content That Mesmerize Viewers
  • A Professional Voice-over
  • Relevant Information

If your video explainer has the aforementioned qualities, you can ensure your SaaS explainer will stand out in the competition.


Video production has increasingly grown in popularity in the past few years. For this reason, you see many SaaS companies investing in SaaS explainers. Besides, SaaS animated explainers entail short animations, providing audiences with an overview of software-as-a-service solutions. There are various ways these videos prove important for SaaS brands. Establishing credibility, increased engagement, and high shareability, to mention those ways. Additionally, SaaS explainers forecast business growth while benefitting software-as-a-service companies in a number of ways. Improved sales, ameliorated customer retention, and increased product retention, to mention those benefits and wrap up.

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