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Striking the Right Balance: Navigating the Interplay of Traditional and Digital Marketing Strategies for Business Growth

Striking the Right Balance: Navigating the Interplay of Traditional and Digital Marketing Strategies for Business Growth

Everyone seems to be dependent on the newest technology available in the modern world. Since we spend so much time on our phones and computers, many firms assume that consumers would only respond to digital marketing. Perhaps this isn’t the case. Potential clients may be leaving your business if your radio and digital marketing strategies aren’t well-balanced.


Distinguishing Traditional and Digital Marketing Approaches

Traditional marketing refers to anything that is done “old school.” It’s all about telemarketing, radio, direct mail, and flyers. Digital marketing is carried out online using websites, social media marketing, PPC, SEO, keywords, and SEM.


Striking a Balance: The Crucial Role of Both Digital and Traditional Marketing

While digital platforms are favored by many, solely relying on these channels may not effectively reach your entire audience. Achieving business growth necessitates a thoughtful equilibrium between digital and traditional marketing. This balance instills trust in customers, fostering loyalty. Digital advertising excels in capturing the attention of specific audiences, leveraging platforms like social media to convert prospects into customers. On the other hand, traditional advertising casts a wider net, broadcasting your product message to a broader audience, though identifying the target customer can be challenging. The tangible and immersive nature of traditional methods, such as direct mail, creates a memorable impact that is not easily ignored.


The Statistics

Over 90% of corporate marketers still use direct mail for advertising, despite the ease with which technology is replacing more conventional methods. Many people think that this is because traditional marketing can reach consumers in ways that digital marketing cannot. The multinational company Procter & Gamble Co. took a chance when it decided to cut more than $200 million from its digital advertising budget. They discovered that by focusing solely on digital, they had been wasting money. Additionally, the business discovered that the average duration for a user to watch a mobile advertisement on their social media news stream was just 1.7 seconds. Perhaps not enough to have a significant effect.


The Crackdown: P&G and Unilever Pursuit of Advertising Transparency

Marc Pritchard, Chief Brand Officer at P&G, emerged as an early advocate for cleaning up the digital advertising landscape, urging tech companies to address issues like rampant ad fraud and implement safeguards to prevent ads from appearing alongside controversial content. Pritchard’s proactive stance led P&G to suspend advertising on major platforms, including Google’s YouTube, where ads were inadvertently displayed alongside contentious videos. In the past, P&G ran ads on 712 websites, later reducing the number to 560. Similarly, Unilever, another industry giant, trimmed its ad presence from 268 to 155 sites. The quest for greater transparency prompted advertisers, including these companies, to seek alternatives beyond social media platforms, where transparency was perceived to be lacking. Todd Krizelman, CEO & Co-Founder of MediaRadar, emphasized advertisers’ growing demand for transparency in their advertising placements.


The Impact of Technology



Digital advertising has a wide reach, connecting with millions of people. Businesses can target potential customers effectively through SEO strategies and optimized websites, collecting and analyzing customer data. Social media marketing allows ads to reach a broad audience, tailored to individuals based on their search history or demographics, often resulting in successful engagement.


The Influence of Radio

Radio remains a popular medium, with many people tuning in while driving. Nielsen’s ‘State of the Media’ report reveals that 93% of Americans listen to the radio each week, surpassing TV, phone scrolling, and computer use. Contrary to expectations, news and talk radio formats are among the most popular, ensuring that radio advertisements continue to be heard.


The Impact of TV

Television ads, especially during live sports events like the Super Bowl, can reach a massive audience. Despite the rise of DVR and streaming services, a significant number still watches TV in real-time. Studies indicate that 60% of customers make purchases after watching a TV commercial, compared to around 40% for those scrolling on social media.


The Strength of Balancing Traditional and Digital Marketing

Businesses benefit from both traditional and digital marketing, emphasizing a consistent message across all channels. Radio and TV contribute to building brand awareness, covering the top to bottom stages of the sales funnel. Digital marketing focuses on the middle to action stages. Combining these approaches ensures a balanced and effective marketing strategy.


How to Achieve Balance at the Bottom of the Funnel

A key takeaway in achieving this balance is selecting the right candidates for marketing to effectively target potential customers. Avoid categorizing people solely based on generation or income, as this approach is outdated. It’s important not to judge individuals by superficial factors. Some still use methods like zip codes, but it’s better to opt for data-driven targeting when dealing with those in the action phase of the buying funnel. This approach helps narrow down your product audience and highlights your unique selling points.


Iknasoft is an all-encompassing marketing company that can assist you in managing both digital and traditional marketing aspects. Whether it’s handling social media, running SEM campaigns, managing direct mail services, or creating radio jingles, we cover it all. We’re here to guide you every step of the way as you connect with potential customers. Reach out to Iknasoft today for a thorough marketing assessment.












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